International trade
Forresque SCM is an international commodity trading house with its headquarters situated in Singapore. Our value chain services include assisting clients with sourcing, import and export, logistics, warehousing and trade marketing services.
International trade


Customer diversification

We can meet your import and export needs for textile, electronic,mechanical equipment, food, chemical, E-commerce set-up and other special product types. Talk to us today.

Full service

Our service scope includes full trade value chain service from signing documents, letter of credit review to cargo transportation, Export declaration, document making, shipping,insurance, Negotiation, tax refund and other full service.

Experienced team of professionals

Forresque has an experienced professional team and a sound management system to ensure that all import and export goods can be successfully completed in accordance with customer requirements and customs regulations.

Additional service

We provide robust trade experience, specialist knowledge of complex markets and access to capital.

[1] Trade, finance and payment expertise

[2] Resolve transaction complications

[3] Support throughout the trade

[4] Management of reputational and payment issues

Agent selection

Customers can choose the full set of export agency services or partial agency services provided by us according to their needs.

Efficient service

Forresque is committed to providing customers with quality and efficient services, to ensure the successful development of customers' import and export business in the international market.

Address:10 Anson Road, #10-20 International Plaza. Singapore 079903