About US
Forresques is an international trade and logistics management company specialising in trade services, supply chain management services and strategy implementation. The main expertise of the company lies in the ability to evaluate, design, develop and implement complex supply chains. The company was established to deliver the potential that supply chain management unlocks by leveraging the opportunities within the entire value chain.
  • Our Strategy
    Diversification,market expansion, forward and backward integration and staying customer oriented are the pillars of our overall company strategy. To maintain sustainable growth, we seek to continually strengthen our strategy by expanding our network across the globe and are intending to expand in Asian, Europe, North, Australasia, America & US markets.

    We are focused on forward and backward integration to attain control over the entire logistic supply chain process to provide word-class services to our customers. Of essence are our relationships with all of our trade partners, our passion and efficiency in the business.

  • Our Strength
    Our strengths give us the competitive edge and set us apart from all our competitors. The combination of all our strengths below allows us to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients and enables us to be their preferred partner.

    Forresque's management team holds extensive knowledge and experience in this field and is able to take the best decisions and swiftly troubleshoot any problems that might arise. Over the years, they lead by example and continue to educate and share their skills with the entire team.

    Forresque's forte lies in sourcing and marketing products at the best market prices. We achieve this by leveraging on our presence in the world's developing markets. Our competitive nature drives us to be on a constant look out for the products that will be a good bet for the growth of the company in the long term.

    Efficiency in execution
    Efficiency at Forresque is implemented from the time of the inspection of goods to the time that our goods reach the warehouses of our buyers. This allows us to economically allocate our resources and create happy experiences for our clients.

Address:10 Anson Road, #10-20 International Plaza. Singapore 079903